Travel Resources

Planning a trip is overwhelming. We've got everything you need here, every step of the way, to plan and organize your trip. If you're still not sure where you want to go, explore the blog for inspiration! 

Some of these are affiliate links, but the purpose of this page is to offer you the very best that we've found in the world of travel resources, from flights to luggage to traveling with your pet. We don't share or promote any resource, product, or service that we haven't tried, tested, and loved. So, after plenty of disastrous flights, failed equipment, and red tape, the resources, products, and services on this page won't fail you, we promise (disclosure: a promise is not a contract, so please don't sue us if something goes wrong). 


Book Your Flight


Monondo is our go-to for best deals and user-friendliness. They also have great trip inspiration throughout their site.


Peruse the home page for current deals or type in your search for a great comparison engine.


The best thing about Skyskanner is its "Everywhere" feature. Perfect for when you know you want to take a trip, but you're not sure where!

Book Your Stay

Booking.comis our go-to hotel search engine. They've got all kinds of properties, a friendly interface, and great customer service.


AirB&B is great if your looking for a home or villa style rental. It gives you a more local experience. Sign up here and get $20 off your next stay.


Expedia gives you a great price when booking flight and hotel bundle. If your just searching for a hotel it has great prices aswell.

It's a site for finding hotels. - Captain Obvious

Book Your Tour


Viator is a great site to search for attractions or tours wherever your destination may be. It offers the best price.


Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet is the leader in travel guide books and will provide you with the most important information you need to know on your next adventure.