7 Things To Miss In San Francisco

The Not-That-Cool Things About San Francisco

No offence, San Francisco, San Franciscans, and San Francisco lovers, but the city by the bay has its flaws. Pobody's nerfect. 

Keep in mind why we didn't love the sights that we didn't love, because if you don't mind the most touristy of tourist spots, we have different tastes, and that's ok! If you just want that perfect Instagram post and don't mind quick-pic stops, that's cool! If you love walking up super steep hills that never end, there's definitely something wrong with you.

We waded through the lists, did everything we could squeeze in, and here are the flops, the "meh"s, and the "avoid at all cost"s that we came across so you don't have to!

Don't worry, we have you covered on what not to miss, too!

1. Lombard Street

Lombard Street

If we had rented a car, maybe this would've felt like less of a waste of an uber ride. The view wasn't that cool, and it left us with an "ok, what now?" feeling. Perhaps it's better in the summer season when it's manicured with flowers, but Lombard street doesn't live up to the hype in the rainy season. 

2. The Painted Ladies

See above. You stop, take a picture, and then get in a taxi and move on. Packed with tourists, and just generally kind of "meh", I suggest wandering around and finding the houses that are real hidden gems and that pique your unique interests. Our travel buddy loved pastel houses with gold details, Ricky loved shingle sided homes, and I loved the tall and skinny Victorian style ones. Something for everyone! 

3. Fisherman's Wharf


Ok, yes, fisherman's wharf and pier 39 are kind of the same thing, but for the sake of this argument, no, no they're not. The two pictures above were the best parts - We found Zoltar! If you haven't seen Tom Hanks' 'Big', go watch it now. And there was some cool street music along the walk on the way out.

If you've ever been to Niagara falls, Disneyland, or Santa Monica Pier, you may as well have been to fisherman's wharf. Considering we went in the low season, I can't imagine how hectic this place gets during the summer months. Again, if you're into that, no judgment - let your freak flag fly!

4. The Hills

We may be a bit out of shape, but these hills are actually hell. My life flashed before my eyes, I was so out of breath that my teeth hurt for the rest of the day (doctor readers, please explain), and I genuinely wanted, with all my heart, to be left behind.

5. The Wave Organ

Wave Organ

It's so super duper cool in theory that the reality is just disappointing. The noise is that of a whispering elephant, and there are only certain times a day when you'll be able to hear much more than that. Above is a photo of our friends looking really thrilled to be there. Also, I got slapped in the face by a wave and spend the rest of the day with wet shoes, which I know is not the wave organ's fault, but still!

6. The Prices

We, as tourists, know that some places are more expensive than others, and that's just something we deal with and budget for. But San Francisco can get pretty out of hand. From your coffee and your AirBnb to the new shoes you'll need every month after walking up those hills...by the end, you'll want to head to East Side Mario's for water and breadsticks. 

7. Alcatraz


We saw Alcatraz from fisherman's wharf when we first arrived and said "cool, now we've seen it". Because what's more fun for the whole family than an expensive day trip to a high security prison where men were abused, abusive, and would frequently rape and beat each other? Everything!

Forgive the sarcasm and cynicism and, as always, thanks for reading, and don't forget to follow the sloth!


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