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We'd like to thank our parents, the Air Canada guy that let us pass with an overweight bag, the Academy...

In all seriousness, thank you Ashley the Wanderdoll

If you don't know what it is or how it works... The Liebster award is a peer to peer award given and received between up and coming, new, and under the radar travel bloggers. Without my usual preamble, Ashley asks us the following five questions:

What’s the best airline you’ve ever flown with?

I've flown with a slew of airlines, each more wonderful and simultaneously horrible than the last. Queue John Mulaney on Delta Airlines.

I neither endorse nor shun any particular airline. However! One particularly horrible day/hangover/airport experience made me especially appreciative of Canada's WestJet.

I was leaving Banff (where I had been living for 10 months), my boyfriend, and my best friend to go home to Ontario. I was sad. I was travelling with my dog. I was hungover. Guess what I did?

I forgot the little plastic bolts that attach the top and bottom halves of my dog's crate. 

The people working for WestJet that day were so wonderful - cheering up Atticus who gets upset when I'm stressed, calling me a taxi to the pet store for new bolts, and setting me up with a hotel since I inevitably missed my flight. 

That said, when Emirates approaches me to do a sponsored post about their 31,000 first class flights, my loyalty might change. I'm totally kidding. That will never happen. 

If you had to learn another language, what would it be? Why?

I would love to speak as many languages as possible. My grandfather is a polyglot (a person who knows and is able to use many languages), and it's frighteningly impressive. 

My mom speaks French, my boyfriend speaks Spanish. I know a little bit of this and a little bit of that. I will pat myself on the back here in saying that I am fluent as hell in English (I can read these pronunciation poems without a hitch!), but I would love to learn some other languages, fluently. 

Top of the list? Icelandic! Not because it's the most useful language to know conversationally (most Icelander's speak English, and worldwide only 330,000 people speak Icelandic), but because it's super cool! I've also always been interested in Latin and English-based Creole languages. 

What food would you recommend from your home country?

Since together, Ricky and I are from more than one place, here's a little breakdown of our favourite foods from the places we we're born and raised.

From Canada, I recommend poutine (highly, oh, so highly) and deep fried pickles (at the same time, yes). From Wisconsin I recommend everything and anything cheese related! Deep fried cheese curds, especially. Maybe I need to re-evaluate my dietary choices...

From Guam, Ricky recommends Kadun Pika, a spicy chicken dish. From Louisiana, he enthusiastically recommends crawfish (I have tried, struggled with, and resolved not to love crawfish, myself). From Costa Rica, he (and I!) recommend the unique and spectacular Costa Rican Ceviche (like no ceviche you've ever had). 

Where was your first trip (outside of family vacations)?

My first real trip was inside my own Country. After high school, I wasn't ready to pick a path and go to school, so I packed my bags, my worries, and my dog, and moved to Canmore/Banff, Alberta. 

Some may find that boring, but it was the trip of a lifetime. I stayed for ten months, had countless adventures, and met my best friend. 

If you ever get the chance, explore Banff. Beautiful, friendly, small-town feel all year! 

What’s a country you’ve visited that you would want to live in?

I have a very hard time considering one place to pick to live forever, although I'm sure it'll likely happen at some point (we all want to have a home base, maybe, yes? no?).

The things and people that I love are so spread out over the world that I would always be missing some things if I picked one place. In my dream world I'll win the lottery and have a house in Canada, a house in Switzerland, and a house in the Bahamas. 

For now, we'll settle for not settling. 

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