2016: Our Year In Review

Our jump into working from home

Marley Inksetter and Richard Bragg in Costa Rica

2016 was a big year of transition. In January, 2016, Ricky and I were both working at Coconutz (where's my commission, Dan?), and I still thought I would be going back to Canada in May. 

Although Ricky had asked me to stay a few times and we were living together, we hadn't discussed it in-depth, and we had talked so much early on about our relationship being temporary. So, I quit the bar in March, hoping to spend my last chunk of time exploring more of the country. And then...

In May, I missed my flight. On purpose.

I ended up staying. Since I had already quit working at the bar and rent was cheap, I tried to focus on my freelancing, something I had been aiming to do for years. I got a few good jobs for some local businesses, which is how I found my freelance writing niche (more on that later). I dabbled in design, we went a little stir crazy, the usual. 

At the end of May, Ricky and I visited his family in San Marcos, Texas, after which we started toying with the idea of leaving Coco (more on that later, too). I was making some money freelancing, but not enough to live and pay off my student loans and credit card, and saving money is Costa Rica is hard.

Ricky was supportive and excited about my freelance career, and was honing his design skills doing all of the content marketing and advertisements for Coconutz (Dan?!). After I landed a pretty big content marketing job, we confirmed that what we wanted was to be able to work together, anywhere. My writing and content marketing was already narrowing into a travel niche, so the idea of the blog was born to share travels and grow the skills we needed for our respective work anywhere careers. 

Richard Bragg at Niagara Falls

By August we had our plan in place. We booked a flight to Texas, Ricky gave his notice, and we started saving as much as we could as he worked his last few months.

Our big mistake was not starting sooner. Setting up a blog takes a long time. I have the same regrets about my copywriting, I should not have waffled to and fro, "researched" every article, and waited so long to get my name on paper. 

We're ringing in the new year in Texas, one of the last places I ever thought I'd live in (for a while). We're with Ricky's family, we're working hard to get the new sites set up, and to make sure that the information and services we provide are needed, useful, and unique. We want to continue offering my services to travel businesses, but also to help individuals and bloggers get started on a similar path, working from home, building their freelance careers, and side-hustling their way around the world. It's taking longer than planned, and there are times where our showers are cold and any more ramen noodles might kill us, but we're on the right track, and we like the idea of sharing the "from scratch" part with people. As for 2017? We'll work hard and live a lot by doing what we love (and I definitely want to go to pig island)!