Discovering The Wild and Wonderful World of Street Art

Our favorite art lives on the streets

Since we only recently discovered how much we love exploring street art everywhere we go, this post is small, but it is only the beginning of our collection.
We've always enjoyed stopping to look at the different graffiti, murals, even signs, shop banners, and restaurant boards!
Street art is something that can catch you off guard. It can be beautiful or whacky or wildly inappropriate.
Next time you're out, take a look around and share your local street art with us!
Here you'll find a little round up of our favorite pieces from the Netherlands, Greece, and Iceland.
We don't claim to be experts in art or to have any deep understanding of what any piece "means", we just want to share pieces that catch our fancy.

street art in Amsterdam

I found this wandering around Amsterdam on a long-ass layover and it remains to be a piece of art that pops into my head relatively often (and not just because I hear Bruce Almighty screaming in my head when I think about it). 

street art in Greece 2
street art in Iceland

Is there anyone left in the world who is not in love with Iceland? No? Good.
Ok, the food isn't necessarily anything to write home about.
However, everything else about the country is.
Case in point above.
The street art there was incredible. 

street art in Greece

And this guy reminds me of my dad.

Stay updated for a roundup of our favorite street art every month!